Transparency and knowledge transfer are written in capital letters at 320EAST. To this end, we hold daily standup meetings where everyone gets an overview of what the others are working on during the course of the day and once a week a brownbag session, or BBS for short.

In the BBS at 320EAST, each department – in rolling rotation – presents a topic in detail to the colleagues. This can be from more or less everyday work, or it can also convey knowledge from leisure time. In any case, it is a benefit with added value for all listeners, as they are also encouraged to transfer knowledge to their own subject areas. This is how innovation is born.

Interesting facts about the origin: In America, people often bring their lunch to work in a brown paper bag, comparable to the lunch box here at home. At some point, companies began to use lunch breaks not only to eat food, but also to enrich the relaxed atmosphere with discussion-stimulating topics and to use them in a meaningful and budget-friendly way. As the tables were accordingly occupied with the brown bags, the name brownbag session became established.

Of course, at 320EAST no one’s lunch break is taken away for this, but separate times are scheduled for it, although the atmosphere is still informal and relaxed every time.

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