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Of course, we don’t live in tomorrow – the now drives our efforts to meet the challenges of the pandemic on a daily basis. And yes – the hospitality industry is being hit hard by contact restrictions, increased hygiene regulations and lockdowns.

Facing challenges

Hands in your lap and sit it out? That’s not how owners in the hospitality industry are knitted. They roll up their sleeves and get to work – that’s what they’re used to!

The past year has accelerated the digital transformation in the hospitality industry. Many restaurateurs or operators have had to adapt quickly to the changing conditions. Be it mostly changing regulations at short notice, the drop in sales due to missing guests or the loss of skilled and service staff. No staff, no turnover. Or is there?

Revenue loss due to overworked service staff

The prerequisites for a successful business operation are friendly and courteous service, a nice ambience, and good food. But these basic requirements have long since disappeared. An overtaxed service due to lack of personnel lets the attention as well as composure lose fast. Loss of overview, the own requirement to become fair all guests releases stress – and the sensitive guest feels this. Does the dissatisfied guest like to give a generous tip to the unrecognizable service? Whether this guest also wants to come back quickly?

Fact: Over 70% of dissatisfied guests leave a location with one or more unspoken complaints. Issues that do not get through to the operator. And in the end, they are accompanied by a decline in guests and the associated drop in sales.

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Meet and exceed expectations – with smart service

Regulars have already recognized the merits of your (favorite) restaurant. Unfortunately, you quickly get used to good quality. The best solution is always quality, ambience and service. The factors of exclusivity and uniqueness complement this basic requirement – and enable positive differentiation from the competition. But without staff, it is difficult to ensure high quality of service.

This is where the smart service from AllOK comes to the rescue. Service 4.0 – an innovation from the Karlsruhe technology region (“Made in THE LÄND”) – elegantly and discreetly cushions the lack of staff. For guests in areas where the service staff cannot see directly, the service button enables simple service-on-demand. Which guest is next? Here, too, the AllOK service helps to prioritize.

The result? The service staff always keeps an overview, even in stressful moments – stays in a good mood and the guest notices this immediately. He feels at ease and is very happy to come back.

Increase sales – this is how it works

Far too little attention is paid to the lost sales opportunity. And unfortunately, this happens far too often. Situations that every restaurateur knows: At the end of opening hours, the staff is reduced – and thus the chance of the “extra” turnover of the last order is risked.

But the success of the extra sales pays off! One in four guests forgoes an order, especially at the end of the evening. The concern about long waiting times from ordering to payment is quickly dismissed, especially in the group, with a conciliatory “But next time there’ll be a nightcap! 

This additional sale under the premise of only 40 guests daily, with an assumed additional sale of 5€ for every fourth guest, results in an additional turnover of 15,000€ for 300 opening days. Surprising? Definitely not!

Milkmaid calculation or not applicable to every business? Perhaps. But one thing is clear to every restaurateur: additional sales bring an increase in turnover as well as customer satisfaction. And if the service staff still find enough time for an individual exchange with the guest – then the hospitality industry should not be afraid of the future. Potential is certainly there. The AllOK service supports your sales goals.

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Would you like to learn more about the smart AllOK service? Then visit our website or press the button below – we will give you our full attention!


Our AllOK product line presents the heart of Service 4.0 in a new look. A discreet embossing of the AllOK logo is now visible on the protective cover of the service Our AllOK product line presents the core element of Service 4.0 in a new look. A discreet embossing of the AllOK logo is now visible on the protective cover of the Service Button, replacing the previously imprinted logo. As a result, the button continues to look high-quality even with regular cleaning and use. Due to its unobtrusive appearance it easily blends into the overall aesthetic concept of the given premises.

In addition, a safety measure has been implemented for the new version of the Service Button which makes improper battery removal more difficult. 

Based on expert input a haptic feedback was added to the Service Button, which, combined with a discreet clicking sound, lets users know immediately that the button has been pressed successfully. 

When developing new product solutions the 320EAST Business Development team is always in lively exchange with experts from the respective industry. This way new solutions and improvements can be introduced continuously and tested under real conditions. 

Learn more about other features on the AllOK website.


An extension that enables a well-rounded service, informs customers and makes it easier for them to make profitable decisions.    

We at 320EAST can announce that an important feature has been added to our AllOK product service. Using the AllOK Service can generate large amounts of data in just one busy workday. 

The current AllOK solution of the product line of the same name remedies this with a new feature: 

A recently released update of the AllOK service now enables a clear presentation of the most important information of the previous day. After one-time activation, users receive a daily summary via e-mail and can see at a glance how customers’ service requests and their satisfaction turned out throughout the day.  

With content reduced to the most necessary and a reading time of less than 30 seconds, the e-mail is particularly suitable as a short read and can be wonderfully incorporated into the morning routine. 

Visit the AllOK Service website to find out more about the benefits and how you can optimize your service in an uncomplicated, simple and understandable way and, above all, on an individual basis.


Christmas is just around the corner, also for the team of 320EAST.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that we will be on Christmas break from 23 December 2021 up to and including 02 January 2022 and our office will therefore not be continuously staffed.
From 03 January 2022 we are freshly recovered again gladly available for you on site, by phone and by mail.

We wish you, your families and friends a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and a happy New Year. Here’s to a healthy reunion in 2022. 


Our AllOK product line has been given a new – small but effective – marketing tool. In the future, the product flyer will serve as initial information for potential partners or end customers, both in direct contact and in online marketing.

Reduced to the essentials in terms of content, a basic impression of the AllOK service is conveyed, outlining the product including the added value for users, but leaving enough space for informative discussions. The appealing, promotional design whets the appetite for more and encourages users to browse and find out more.

The lively visuals go hand in hand with the rest of AllOK’s look and feel, giving ourselves, as well as hopefully viewers, a lot of pleasure to look at. 


To support our sales team in marketing the AllOK product line, we have developed a mobile presentation stand that leaves nothing to be desired. It will be used at smaller trade fairs and in-house exhibitions, but also for live consulting and product demonstrations in the specialist centers and markets of our partners and target groups.

In addition to the fully functional demonstration of our products in use, the booth offers a wide range of showcase and information possibilities. Print, web and other digital media such as slideshows, films or presentation slides can be easily integrated. 

Dates for trade shows and exhibitions where you can meet us will be announced with appropriate advance notice at whenever possible with the option to schedule an appointment. 


Web presence shines in new splendor

Our partner, the hardware producer NGSTB, has a new homepage. After the corporate design has already been redesigned a few weeks ago, the web presence follows in this step. The new homepage is quite impressive. It serves as a presentation platform for the company and its products. For this purpose, the site is also closely linked to the NGSTB store on Alibaba. 

Congratulations and good luck!


The great comeback of tourism!

Salzburg celebrated the great comeback of tourism from November 6 to 10, 2021. 

After last year’s pandemic-related break, the “Alles für den Gast” trade show, the leading industry platform for professional hosts, presented itself from its best side. Over 540 exhibitors presented their products, services and visions for the future.

Queue at the entrance
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Nearly 21,900 trade visitors experienced the entire spectrum of the catering and hotel industry at the industry’s leading trade fair and underscored how important tourism, the hotel industry and gastronomy are in Austria.

To properly celebrate the comeback of the industry, content and know-how transfer were top priorities for the organizers this year. Among the suppliers is also Unifai GmbH, which caused astonished eyes with its AI operations management software – and in the future, perhaps with the 320EAST Partner Management, would like to further positively shape the interfaces between guests and hotel together. First approaches were made at the trade fair, which will now be intensified in the follow-up.

Does a partnership with 320EAST sound interesting to you? Get in touch with us.


The gastronomy trade fair “Alles für den Gast” will take place from 6. – 10.11.2021 in Salzburg, Austria. It is the largest trade fair for the entire catering and hotel industry in the Danube-Alps-Adriatic region. After the fair had to switch to the digital format “GastroCircle” last year due to corona, thousands of trade visitors, hosts, distributors and manufacturers from around 15 countries are expected to attend the guest fair in Salzburg again this year. On over 45,000qm with 740 exhibitors, these present their offers, whether they are culinary nature or equipment for guest area, hotel room or kitchen. Further information to the fair under

We will also be on site with the Partner Management on 09. and 10.11.2021. We want to deepen existing contacts, make new contacts and win exciting partners for our solution on the topic of customer satisfaction and shortage of skilled workers. If you are interested in an informational discussion on how you can counter the personnel shortage in the industry, please contact us! See you at “Alles für den Gast”, we look forward to seeing you.

Trade Fair Center Salzburg
Trade Fair Center Salzburg Quelle: „Alles für den Gast”


From October 17 to 19, our partner management was at the 66th HOGA trade fair 2021 in Nuremberg. On the one hand, to pick up the latest trends in the gastronomy and hotel industry, but on the other hand, of course, to present our service AllOK and to win suitable partners.

The fair was held under the motto “Reunion joy”. Nevertheless, it was noticeable that the companies had arrived with a reduced staff. The shortage of skilled workers and personnel in general in the industry is clearly visible, which was also confirmed by the organizer. For us, however, it was a very successful visit to the trade fair. There were numerous discussions, exciting feedbacks, new insights into the industry as well as lively mutual interest!