An extension that enables a well-rounded service, informs customers and makes it easier for them to make profitable decisions.    

We at 320EAST can announce that an important feature has been added to our AllOK product service. Using the AllOK Service can generate large amounts of data in just one busy workday. 

The current AllOK solution of the product line of the same name remedies this with a new feature: 

A recently released update of the AllOK service now enables a clear presentation of the most important information of the previous day. After one-time activation, users receive a daily summary via e-mail and can see at a glance how customers’ service requests and their satisfaction turned out throughout the day.  

With content reduced to the most necessary and a reading time of less than 30 seconds, the e-mail is particularly suitable as a short read and can be wonderfully incorporated into the morning routine. 

Visit the AllOK Service website to find out more about the benefits and how you can optimize your service in an uncomplicated, simple and understandable way and, above all, on an individual basis.