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Of course, we don’t live in tomorrow – the now drives our efforts to meet the challenges of the pandemic on a daily basis. And yes – the hospitality industry is being hit hard by contact restrictions, increased hygiene regulations and lockdowns.

Facing challenges

Hands in your lap and sit it out? That’s not how owners in the hospitality industry are knitted. They roll up their sleeves and get to work – that’s what they’re used to!

The past year has accelerated the digital transformation in the hospitality industry. Many restaurateurs or operators have had to adapt quickly to the changing conditions. Be it mostly changing regulations at short notice, the drop in sales due to missing guests or the loss of skilled and service staff. No staff, no turnover. Or is there?

Revenue loss due to overworked service staff

The prerequisites for a successful business operation are friendly and courteous service, a nice ambience, and good food. But these basic requirements have long since disappeared. An overtaxed service due to lack of personnel lets the attention as well as composure lose fast. Loss of overview, the own requirement to become fair all guests releases stress – and the sensitive guest feels this. Does the dissatisfied guest like to give a generous tip to the unrecognizable service? Whether this guest also wants to come back quickly?

Fact: Over 70% of dissatisfied guests leave a location with one or more unspoken complaints. Issues that do not get through to the operator. And in the end, they are accompanied by a decline in guests and the associated drop in sales.

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Meet and exceed expectations – with smart service

Regulars have already recognized the merits of your (favorite) restaurant. Unfortunately, you quickly get used to good quality. The best solution is always quality, ambience and service. The factors of exclusivity and uniqueness complement this basic requirement – and enable positive differentiation from the competition. But without staff, it is difficult to ensure high quality of service.

This is where the smart service from AllOK comes to the rescue. Service 4.0 – an innovation from the Karlsruhe technology region (“Made in THE LÄND”) – elegantly and discreetly cushions the lack of staff. For guests in areas where the service staff cannot see directly, the service button enables simple service-on-demand. Which guest is next? Here, too, the AllOK service helps to prioritize.

The result? The service staff always keeps an overview, even in stressful moments – stays in a good mood and the guest notices this immediately. He feels at ease and is very happy to come back.

Increase sales – this is how it works

Far too little attention is paid to the lost sales opportunity. And unfortunately, this happens far too often. Situations that every restaurateur knows: At the end of opening hours, the staff is reduced – and thus the chance of the “extra” turnover of the last order is risked.

But the success of the extra sales pays off! One in four guests forgoes an order, especially at the end of the evening. The concern about long waiting times from ordering to payment is quickly dismissed, especially in the group, with a conciliatory “But next time there’ll be a nightcap! 

This additional sale under the premise of only 40 guests daily, with an assumed additional sale of 5€ for every fourth guest, results in an additional turnover of 15,000€ for 300 opening days. Surprising? Definitely not!

Milkmaid calculation or not applicable to every business? Perhaps. But one thing is clear to every restaurateur: additional sales bring an increase in turnover as well as customer satisfaction. And if the service staff still find enough time for an individual exchange with the guest – then the hospitality industry should not be afraid of the future. Potential is certainly there. The AllOK service supports your sales goals.

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